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Welling, Greater London
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Job Description

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator Job Purpose: Strategic development of the school’s Special Educational Needs provision and oversight of the day-to-day operation of that policy with the aim of raising SEN pupil achievement.

Areas of responsibility and key tasks:

· Put provision in place to ensure that progress of pupils with SEN improves relative to those without SEN.

· Ensure that the school carries out its statutory responsibilities regarding all students with a Statement of Special Educational Needs.

· Support all staff in understanding the needs of SEN pupils.

· Support departmental developments of SEN provision.

· Monitor progress towards targets for pupils with SEN.

· Analyse and interpret relevant school, local and national data.

· Liaise with staff, parents, external agencies and other schools to co-ordinate their contribution, provide maximum support and ensure continuity of provision. Teaching and Learning

· Support the identification of and disseminate the most effective teaching approaches for individual pupils with SEN.

· Work with staff to develop effective ways of bridging barriers to learning through: – assessment of needs – monitoring of teaching quality and pupil achievement – target setting – IEPs, or Provision Maps, PSP, CAF – keeping accurate records.

· Collect and interpret specialist assessment data to inform practice.

· Undertake day-to-day co-ordination of SEN pupils’ provisions through close liaison with staff, parents and external agencies.

· Work with head teachers, teachers, key stage co-ordinators and pastoral staff to ensure all pupils learning is of equal importance and that there are high and realistic expectations of pupils.

• provide professional guidance to staff to secure good teaching for SEN pupils, through both written guidance and meetings;

• lead on the performance management process for SEN teachers and Support Assistants;

• advise on and contribute to the professional development of staff, including whole school INSET provision;

• provide regular information to the head teacher and governing body on the evaluation of SEN provision. Effective deployment of staff and resources

· advise the head teacher and governing body of priorities for deployment of staff, and utilise resources with maximum efficiency;

· maintain and develop resources, co-ordinate their deployment and monitor their effectiveness in meeting the objectives of school and SEN policies;

· work with external agencies to maximise resources made available. Other professional requirements

· Co-ordinate all Annual Reviews and reviews of Individual Education Plans and/or PSPs and CAFs where appropriate and attend / chair when necessary.

· Exercise a key role in assisting the headteacher and governors with the strategic development of SEN policy / provision.