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Twenty4Seven | Education Support

Our unique Education Support service enables our candidates to seek help, guidance or reassurance through every step of their career. Whether you are just starting out or are already working within a school, we are ready to help you in any way you need. 

We offer friendly, one to one sessions during which candidates can speak to one of our experienced teachers about any aspect of the role. We can:

  • Help you prepare for interviews or trial days
  • Give you an insight into what it is like to work in different schools
  • Coach you on the rules and expectations on staff in schools
  • Offer training in specific areas such as behaviour management, SEN, lesson planning and many more
  • Help identify and solve issues if things aren’t going the way you hoped within your role
  • Answer questions, big or small, on any aspect of the role

If you would like to book in a session with a member of our team, simply fill in the form below to get started. 

Benefits of Education Support

Our education support and candidate care means you develop and upskill whilst working for us with 1 to 1 CPD and training.

Candidates’ time working for T4S is meaningful and supportive of their career aspirations.

Candidates have the opportunity to develop in several areas and boost their CVs.

Our education support is in line with current educational standards and frameworks.

Working for T4S will increase candidates’ opportunities to gain permanent places in schools.

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