Have You Ever Thought About Becoming a Cover Supervisor?

December 13, 2022 0 Comments

What does it involve?

A cover supervisor manages a classroom on a short term basis when the usual class teacher is absent. They deliver a pre-prepared lesson and ensure that students are on task with the work that their teacher has set. A cover supervisor manages the behaviour in the class and helps all students achieve the lesson objective set out by the absent teacher.

What are the positives?

  • All the buzz and job satisfaction that comes from being in the classroom, without the heavy workload of a class teacher. 
  • Every day is different; you could be covering for one teacher all day or delivering five different subjects and often you won’t know what your day will look like until you get in that morning. 
  • You may get to use your specialist skills- if you love science, for example, you may find you are used to cover more science lessons than other subjects.
  • A great way to gain an insight into teaching and valuable classroom management skills. 
  • School holidays and reliable working hours
  • Opportunities to take on additional responsibilities around the school

Who makes a good Cover Supervisor?

There are no specific qualifications required to become a cover supervisor but you do need a range of skills. The nature of the job means you have to be totally flexible and adaptable, not to mention assertive and thick-skinned to manage behaviour when the class teacher is not there.

How do I become a Cover Supervisor?

There are no specific requirements yet any qualifications or experience working with young people would be a bonus. Schools will look for somebody with enthusiasm, resilience and confidence.

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