Have You Ever Thought About Becoming a Teaching Assistant?

December 6, 2022 0 Comments

What does it involve?

Most classroom teachers simply don’t have enough time to focus their attention on single students for long periods of time. This is where the teaching assistant role comes into play. TAs play a crucial supportive role that is valuable to the teachers and the students they work with. They may provide general support to the teacher or work 1:1 with individual students.

What are the positives?

  • Huge job satisfaction
  • Every day is different
  • You may get to use your specialist skills- if you love something unique, for example crafts, languages or sports, you may get to bring this into the classroom
  • A stepping stone to further qualifications and roles
  • A variety of work responsibilities to suit your skillset
  • Fits around family life
  • A sense of community, knowing you are a crucial cog that helps the whole school run well
  • A starting salary of around £17000 that can soon grow to £25000 or more with additional specialisms or responsibilities!

Who makes a good TA?

As long as you have patience, will be calm and cope well with an ever changing work day, this is a job that suits many different people! The more variety of skills, experiences and personalities that can be in a school, the richer that learning environment becomes! If you have a background in education or have experience working with children with additional needs, even better! 

How do I become a TA?

For most TA jobs, GCSE maths and English are a must, as well as experience within a classroom which would mean spending some time working voluntarily. There are teaching assistant courses that can really help you on your way to getting that TA role.

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