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Job Description

The main role of a Cover Supervisor is to manage the classroom in the Teacher’s absence. The class Teacher will provide all the materials and tools needed for the lesson ready for the Cover Supervisor to deliver. Although not actively teaching, it is important for a Cover Supervisor to have the skills and confidence needed to keep the class motivated and focused so they can work on the activities set and prepared for them. The role requires you to support pupils as they work through the lesson and to understand how to help them to complete tasks, where needed.

Being a Cover Supervisor requires flexibility, as positions are often temporary or short-term and can mean working in different schools across the local area. The nature of the job also means lessons in a range of subjects will need to be covered, providing lots of variety.

Day-to-day duties for a Cover Supervisor include:

Supervising pupils, ensuring they are engaged in the classwork.
Encouraging pupils to interact.
Helping pupils to become more independent in their learning.
Establishing trust with pupils, interacting with them according to individual needs.
Assisting pupils with tasks as needed.
Creating a safe, positive, supportive classroom environment.
Promoting good behaviour, dealing promptly with conflict and incidents in line with established policies, encouraging pupils to take responsibility for their behaviour.
Collecting completed work and returning it to the teacher.
Assisting with the supervision of pupils before and after school and at break times.
Providing feedback to teachers on pupil’s achievement, progress, and if any problems.
Upholding policies and procedures related to child protection, health and confidentiality, reporting all concerns to the appropriate person.
To succeed in a job as a Cover Supervisor you need to draw upon your own personality, people skills, and communication skills.

Ideally you will have:

Basic understanding of the national Key Stage Curriculum.
Knowledge of child development and learning.
Skills to self-evaluate your own learning needs.
Strong communication skills.
Ability to cover a wide range of lessons.
Confidence to manage a class of mixed ability pupils.
Ability to keep students focused and on task.
Ability to provide constructive feedback that encourages pupil’s positive self-esteem.
Dedication to establishing positive relationships with pupils.
The ability to handle complex and sensitive issues with empathy and understanding.
Ability to work effectively as a member of staff providing support to the faculty.
Competence in using software such as Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

Any of the following qualifications will put you far ahead of the competition: (Although applicants with experience who do not hold these qualifications are welcome)

An Undergraduate Education Degree or a degree in any subject.
A Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE).
Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).
It is not only qualifications that employers look at. A successful Cover Supervisor needs to be professional and trustworthy to take on this role. A positive and supportive attitude is essential, as well as being flexible enough to adapt quickly and easily to working with children across different classes and subjects.

Having the confidence and assertiveness to manage each class are also necessary attributes for this job.