T4S Update

June 14, 2022 0 Comments

T4S Education has now been operating for 15 months. How time flies! I must say that when starting T4S, I didn’t know what to expect. It started with me and Charlie Mayou getting everything sorted from our bedrooms as we were coming out of the second lockdown (separate bedrooms, separate houses!). Now we are at a headcount of 24 and are, week on week, breaking records of how many staff we have working and how many schools we have using us for long term, permanent and supply needs.

I know what you are thinking… wow! But, this has all seemed to creep up on us. We have, by no means, done everything right the first time, but we have a team that is always open to ideas, moving with the ever changing market and above all, providing excellent customer service.

My advice to anyone starting a business of any kind is simple: People, you can have the best marketing, website or office, but without the right team, it is pointless.

How do you find the right people?

We’ve been lucky that a lot of our staff have been referred to us by current employees. We have also used the conventional advertising routes, as well as Rec2Rec– yes, even recruitment companies use recruitment companies!

How do you keep the right people?

  • You help them develop. Invest in your staff and they will feel valued. At T4S we have an internal trainer, an outsourced social media company and an education support team made up of highly experienced educators. All of our staff, regardless of position, have weekly appraisals so they can keep on track and get constant help and support with their personal development.
  • You pay them well. We have an industry-leading commision structure and our salaries are the higher level of the market. Everyone knows what they need to do to earn more money and we go to our employees with their next pay rise rather than them having to chase us.
  • Be Honest. We are in this together, so why try to do things under hand? We have all worked for someone who doesn’t tell the whole truth so we know how important it is that our staff trust us and we trust them.
  • Set the bar high. It’s not all about being pink and fluffy! Our senior personnel set the standards and everyone else joins in on reaching them. This isn’t a carrot and stick situation, this is an environment where all of our staff are setting their own internal competitions, their own incentives and trying to push their colleagues along.
  • Glass ceiling. The great thing about being in a small business is that you grow with us. A person starting today has every chance to one day become a director within the business.
  • Laugh! I put this at the end even though it is one of the most important things in my book. I was at risk of saying “Friend first, boss second… Probably entertainer third”. If you know the reference, we can be friends.

What next for T4S?

As always we are recruiting and we have had new team members starting in Cardiff and Birmingham last week. We also have a new Kent Manager starting on 1st July that we are really excited about. But our plan is to grow our current offices, get new offices, employ new juniors, new seniors, and new managers!

So, if you are reading this and want to work for us as a candidate in one of our wonderful schools, want to work with one of our dedicated consultants to find you excellent staff, want to join the T4S family to start or continue your career in education, or just want a general chat including more “The Office” (UK) references, then please drop me an email on will@t4seducation.com